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Are you a tennis player? a coach? Maybe a fan?
Tietennis is exactly what you need!
It’s just like a social network tool but it’s exclusively for tennis lovers!


Finding someone to play has never been faster or easier. The Tietennis app sorts your ratings and progress by seasons and gives you access to Head-to-head comparison between players. You can also organize your tennis agenda, schedule games with your friends and book courts and lessons in a few clicks!

Save the history of your tennis career for easy access in the future. Keep in touch and receive news from all your tennis mates, even if they live far away. Create proposals for matches in your area and find a tennis club wherever you are. Tietennis helps you meet other players anywhere you are.

Register for free! Choose the level that best describes you (beginner, casual, pro player or even coach) and get ready to play! With Tietennis you’ll be able to create and develop your create in a social network!


Try our Demo

Feel free to try the demo. It’s simple, free and it doesn’t require a registration! You just need to download the app on your device and enter the demo login and password below.

Login: johndoe@tietennis.com

Password: 1qaz2wsx

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